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VRFun. Virtual Reality experience in Malaga and Torre del Mar

Travel to a new world in every experience you try, the possibilities are endless. Visit the deep ocean, front a zombie horde or combat against space drones. This new type of entertainment is designed for all audiences. It is easy and intiuitive to use and we have a wide variety of content among which you can find you ideal virtual reality experience.


Because reality – is boring. Explore a new world and lose yourself in virtual reality. It is truly an experience that cannot be accurately described and must be tried at least once by everyone.


Virtual reality is a simulated environment that a user is completely immersed in through visual, physical, and audio stimulation.


Though virtual reality can be played by anyone, for the best experience, the recommended guest height for our experience is at least 48″.

Virtual Reality, Real Fun!

At VRFun, our goal is to help advance the adoption of the groundbreaking VR technology by giving as many people the opportunity to experience it first-hand, without the prohibitive expense and space requirements.

Book in VRFun Málaga

Click here to book your session on our websity by selecting a predeterminedd time slot and paying elecctronically with your credit card or visa-debit. Dont worry about the seating or the screen on our system.


Malaga Virtual Reality Arcade

Calle cuarteles número 1
29002 Málaga

Business Hours:

Tuesday - Thursday and Sunday:
12:00-14:00 and 17:00-21:00

Friday - Saturday:
12:00-14:00 and 16:00-22:00

Torre del Mar Virtual Reality Arcade

Urbanización El Tomillar, Calle Ruta del Pomelo, s/n,
29740 (Aquavelis Waterpark)

Business Hours:

Friday - Sunday:

Call us

951 57 03 28 (Malaga y Torre del Mar)



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